With over 55 years collective engineering experience from the two directors and Masters Degree qualified senior staff, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical services to a broad range of clients. Crozier Geotechnical Consultants undertakes site investigations and reporting for over 250 individual sites per year, along with construction supervision, advice and monitoring.
We are proud to provide Geotechnical and Geological advice and assistance for domestic and commercial projects and a range of services including:


Geotechnical site investigations for residential and commercial developments, including to AS2870.

Steep or Low-Access Properties

Investigations into steep and/or low access properties using hand drilling/investigation tools including mini-drill rig.

Council Applications

Development Application and Construction Certificate reporting for local Councils.

Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation surveys of properties and structures prior to development on neighbouring properties. These are increasingly requested by Councils to be done by geotechnical and or structural engineers to ensure the integrity and independence of the surveys.

Risk Management Reporting

Landslide investigations and geotechnical risk management reporting including risk assessments as per the methods of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) Guidelines. Increasingly required by local Councils to ensure risk levels within construction sites and residential properties remain within ’Acceptable’ levels.

Detailed Investigations

Detailed investigations using full scale drill rigs and Cone Penetration (CPT) rigs operated by experienced drilling sub-contractors for investigation into larger sites and commercial developments for provision of excavation, retaining wall/support and footing design purposes.

Inspections & Monitoring

Construction and excavation inspections/monitoring. Excavation stability assessment and design of rock support (rock bolts, shotcrete).

Vibration Monitoring

Assessment and/or full time vibration monitoring of rock excavation activities using state of the art monitors to ensure optimal use of excavation equipment.

Solar / Photovoltaic Investigations

Conducting site investigations into ground conditions and pile load testing for solar/photovoltaic systems.

Hydrogeological investigations

Investigating into groundwater and ground absorption/ infiltration rates.

Acid Sulfate Soil

Acid Sulfate Soils investigation and provision of Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plans.


Geological and geotechnical mapping.

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